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Yanina Boldyreva
An artist from Novosibirsk, graduated from the City Academy of Architecture and Art. She works in different directions, ranging from digital art, photography, murals, to easel graphics and curatorial projects. At the center of the artist’s creative work is an anthropological interest in a human. She takes an interest in transitional and conflict states of the psyche, little-explored emotions, reactions to changes in life — personal and public.

In addition, personal involvement and her own experience, empathy with the raised problem are important for the artist, due to which the artistic statement becomes aesthetically stronger. This is reflected in the visual language of her work, in the desire to use intuitive images that form into multi-layered statements.

All Exhibitions
All exhibitions of Yanina Boldyreva
Selected personal exhibitions:

2021 In all white/ Quite still. Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Novosibirsk
2020 Collective inactivity. Workshops and Gallery Post, Novosibirsk
2018 Quite white. Siberian Center for Contemporary Art, Tomsk
2014 Index Lost. Festival of Fotography Encontros de imagen, Braga, Portugal. Selected group exhibitions:
2021 International Triennial of Contemporary Art. Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Novosibirsk.
2021 Game of Five Nines. Yaroslavl Art Museum, Yaroslavl.
2021 Trepang Syndrome. Zarya Art Centre, Vladivostok
2020 Collector's Choice. Museum of Decorative Arts, Moscow
2020 Provincial Bienniale. Tomsk
2020 Beyond the Clouds of Futsche. Gromov Cultural Centre, St. Petersburg 2020 Implicit Relationships. Tomsk. 2020 Land of the Deer. Museum im. Shimanovsky Museum, Salekhard
2020 Nemoskva not far off. Manezh, St. Petersburg
2019 48 Hours. Novosibirsk
2019 International Biennial of Photography. St. Petersburg
2017 Fear. Gallery on Solyanka, Moscow 2017 Baltic Biennial of Photography. Kaliningrad
2017 Facts and Clarifications. Pronouncements Riga Photomonth festival 2017 New spread. Lumiere Brothers Museum, Moscow"