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21.o2—23.o3 /2o22
Kirill Basalaev / Janina Boldyreva / Pavla Markova
Splashed & smashed
group exhibition
Kirill Basalaev / Janina Boldyreva Pavla Markova
Splashed & smashed
The history and work of the Siberian rock community stands out among the late-Soviet associations for its "toughness", complicated fate of people, uncompromising lyrics, complex musical experiments and epathetic image. Siberian rockers were real rockers in full accordance with the widespread image, which was unusual for Soviet (even underground) musicians. This section of the exhibition will be represented by samizdat, photographs, documents, including manuscripts by Egor Letov, tape albums by Yanka Diagileva, archive photos by Dmitry Revyakin (Kalinov most), recording equipment and instruments of Siberian rock bands.

Alexander Kushnir, curator of the collection: "In the mid-80s, it was like a Tunguska meteorite fell on the Soviet rock scene. These were the first recordings and underground concerts of Siberian bands, in my opinion - the quintessence of rock in its most brutal and primitive form. Against the background of the piercing performances of “Grazhdanskaya oborona”, “Instruktsiya po vyzhivaniyu”, “Kalinov most” and Yanka Diagileva, it became relevant to go back to pre-Woodstock times in USA and talk about rock as a kind of shamanism and "religion of death". To me, 90% of Soviet rock seems artificial and not worth a penny, compared to those Siberian festivals, concerts and albums".

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With the words "splashed and smashed” begins a song of the same name by the legendary character, rock musician and leader of many bands, Egor Letov. The words were not chosen by chance for the exhibition's title - the gallery's new exposition combines works of art by three contemporary artists and a collection of artefacts of the music scene associated with the Siberian Rock Club.