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29.o9—o7.11 /2021
polina shilkinite solo exhibition
signs in the garden
29.09 — 07.11 / 2021
personal exhibition
of polina shilkinite
signs in
the garden
The series presented in the exhibition 'Signs in the Garden' show three phases of Polina Shilkinite's creative journey over the last two years.
Curator Elena Teplova: " The earliest series, "Wonderland 2020", began with a series of digital drawings in which the space of isolation was refracted: sunlight streamed down walls and doorframes, people were lost in a looking-glass, the tiled floor pattern was crushed into pixels, and banana peels and yellow household gloves suddenly appeared in the most unexpected places - as if in pursuit of each other. The door to this world was opened by the author's hand, literally, as in a smartphone camera or the video game. The apotheosis of the series was the image of a garden on a canvas of the same name, in which - in the bushes on the windowsill, in the whimsical combination of planes and patterns, in the sterile whiteness beyond - for the artist the image of a new post-pandemic home was embodied, beyond which it makes no sense to look, because there is nothing there."

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