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29.09 — 07.11 / 2021
Nastya Kuzmina / Vasilisa Lebedeva
Nadia Petrova / Leonid Purygin
Maria Romanova / Polina Surovova
Lada Uchaeva / Svetlana Hollis
reliving space
The project focuses on the aesthetic experience of space. The exhibition divides the gallery into eight symbolic zones, each of which tells about its place in space and is represented by the works of different artists. The French philosopher Gaston Bachelard, whose ideas we have been inspired by, explored "happy spaces" - favourite places where peace reigns and imagination gives birth to dreamlike images. It is precisely these spaces that the imagination has mastered that he called experienceable. Through art, the artists and I have spoken to our space, got to know it, studied it, listened to it, dreamed about it, imagined it. The result of this communication is the exhibition, where the images of art are images of the space that receives it.
On 29 September 30/7 Gallery opened its first exhibition "Reliving space". The exhibition brought together works by eight artists: Nastia Kuzmina, Vasilisa Lebedeva, Nadia Petrova, Leonid Purygin, Maria Romanova, Polina Surovova, Lada Uchaeva and Svetlana Hollis.