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Maria Romanova
Student in the New and Interactive Media workshop at the Rodchenko School, participant in the art group Vorozheya, participant in the Moscow International Biennale of Young Art. She works with found objects, text and a combination of traditional and new media. Through them she explores communication, its intimate and sensual aspects.

All Exhibitions
All exhibitions of Maria Romanova
Selected group exhibitions:
2021 Magic Fisher. Warehouse 17, St. Petersburg (as part of Vorozheya art group).
2021 Ninth International Festival Days of Contemporary Art (DOCA). IGUMO, Moscow
2021 Safari Verucca. Audi City Moscow, Moscow (with Vorozheya art group).
2020 Colony Optimization. Electrozavod Gallery, Moscow
2020 Exhibition of the finalists of the III Tretyakov Prize. CTI Fabrika Gallery, Moscow
2020 I don't know if the Earth is spinning or not. VII Moscow International Biennale of Young Art, Moscow Museum, Moscow (as part of Vorozheya art group)
2019 Echo Futures. Pluton, Moscow 2019 Collective exhibition of 1st year students of Rodchenko School. Smirnov & Sorokin Foundation, Moscow
2019 Trained machines. Electromuseum in Rostokino, Moscow

Awards and nominations:
Long-listed NOVA ART Contest (as a part of Vorozheya art group)
Winner Audi Born-Digital Award (with Vorozheya art group) 2nd place in the category "Internet Project of the Year" III Tretyakov Prize