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Lada Uсhaeva
A graduate of the Stieglitz Academy in St Petersburg. She turns to the emotions and sensations of the viewer trough her works, creating a situation of "conversation" about things that are difficult or impossible to verbalise. She works mainly with embroidery, in which she brings up the themes of national identity, gender, labur and wage, romantic love and its memory.

All Exhibitions
All Exhibitions of Lada Uchaeva
Selected personal exhibitions:
2017 Lists. Open Workshops, St. Petersburg.
2019 Russianness. Showcase, St. Petersburg.
2021 House by the Sea. Gallery Bomba, Moscow.

Selected group exhibitions:
2020 Square, association SWO, space "Lines", St. Petersburg 2020 Beyond Clouds Futsche, DK Gromov, St. Petersburg
2020 VIVUS/DOMEM. Naryshkin-Trubetskoy Mansion, St. Petersburg 2021 Home sweet home, Zverevsky Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow 2021 Metapause, Gromov Culture Centre, St. Petersburg