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kirill basalaev
An artist from Tomsk, graduated from the Faculty of Art and Culture of the City State University and the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art Problems of Joseph Bakstein. He almost always creates his works on a usual to every artist framed canvas. The artist covers it with a thick layer of spacure, concrete, paint and varnish, literally "giving weight" to the painting. In the end, the artist smashes, breaks, cuts this layer of material, creating an artistic abstraction, which in essence is the exposure of the material itself. This is the conceptual content of Kirill's entire creative work.

His works are in some ways an ironic, in some ways a conceptual deception, where the artist's interest of a research of the material as an inanimate inactive form hidden behind a pleasant-looking, beautiful picture, from which lively, aesthetically exciting art is molded, which is capable to tell us about something.

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