09.09 — 15.10 / 2022
between yav and nav
vasilisa lebedeva solo exhibition
Vasilisa Lebedeva — multidisciplinary artist, a graduate of the MMOMA Free Workshops, graduated from the British Higher School of Design and the Bakstein Institute of Contemporary Art, resident of the Vaults Centre for Artistic Production and Winzavod CCA Open Studios. Co-founder of the creative community Art.Swamp. She works with themes of awareness, self-knowledge, human interaction with other people and the world around, as well as problems of world structure and personal mythology.
The exhibition is the result of a long-term deep study of the chimerical world, mythological plots and characters. The artist flexes the traditional method of creating fairytales and dreamlike creatures and transforms it into a total installation thus making a layout of a multisensory imaginary narrative as it can be today.
The total installation will become a metaphor for the order of a modern person’s world, in which life, spirit and death are actual. The exposition consists of large felt and fabric objects, and sculptures of ceramic, glass and plastic. Through her art Vasilisa Lebedeva relates to different human sensory skills — the ability to see, touch, smell and hear. The exhibition objects are placed in space to represent the real and surreal worlds and the portals between them. The reciprocity with the art makes a viewer also a fairytale hero. The exposition ideates cosmogonic elements and images of the interworld — fire, water and mirrors, which signify a transitional phase and a connection between the worlds.

The olfactory part of the project was made by the artist Anna Kabirova, the accompanying sound done by Polina Abina.

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